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Namco Bandai Show Off God Eater 2 Weapons And Their New Skills In Action


The NicoNico Super Meeting 2 that took place last weekend was a packed event where countless celebrities and game developers got together to talk about their latest product. Among them was Namco Bandai, with a God Eater 2 presentation that showcased new weapons and abilities for their upcoming sequel.

At the 1:25 mark, the first footage depicts a player using the Sniper Rifle’s Stealth Field skill, which is used to hide your presence from the Aragami, giving more of a sniper feeling to the user. The footage also gives a glimpse of the tweaked aerial-stepping Short Blade.


The next footage (4:20 mark) is all about the Long Blade and its recently introduced Zero Stance skill. The Zero Stance skill is a technical ability that requires the use of action-cancels, such as jump-cancels, in order to keep it going. While active, the blade gains a bright blue glow, and it allows you to pull off infinite combos with enhanced power. However, failing to keep up the action-cancels or taking any damage will put an end to the flashy skill.


At 8:05 Namco Bandai talk about the Blast Gun’s new command, called the OP Reverse (R+O). This new ability allows you to transfer any reserved OP (Oracle Points) to inflict massive damage. Previously, you were only able to accumulate up to 100 OP, this number has been increased to 1,000. You can also split up the amount of OP used—for example, if you have 1,000 OP, you can now shoot two shots that use 500 OP each.


At the 11:10 mark, they give us a look at the Shotgun. The footage depicts the Shotgun’s high mobility, that goes with its powerful close-ranged attribute. In contrast to other guns, the shotgun does much more damage depending on how close you are to the target. The player then switches to the Boost Hammer, where he can be seen dashing his way around, while performing devastating blows to the Aragami.


Finally, we get a good look at the Charge Spear in action at the 14:02 mark. The player is seen working her way around Aragami while building up power for a Charge Spear glide attack. After switching to the Assault gun, she demonstrates the new Drawback Shot ability, which is used as a way to jump backwards while shooting.


God Eater 2 is slated for release on PSP and PlayStation Vita later this year.

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