It’s getting a little…no, make that very…confusing to keep track of Namco Bandai’s plans for the Nintendo 3DS, so here’s a quick recap.


The initially announced line-up included Ridge Racer, an original Super Robot Taisen, a Gundam game, Pac-man & Galaga, and a Dragonball Z game. Of those, only Ridge Racer has any actual media associated with it.


In the following months, Namco also announced Double Pen Sports, developed by Retro Game Challenge developer, Indies Zero, an Ace Combat game, Pro Baseball Famista 2011, and a port of Tales of the Abyss.


Now we have confirmation of yet another game — or another port, rather — in the form of One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP. Namco are taking their two One Piece: Unlimited Cruise games from the Wii and putting them on the 3DS on a single cartridge.


Unlimited Cruise SP looks like it could be amongst Namco’s first 3DS releases, as it is currently slated for a Spring 2011 release, which is when the 3DS launches.


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