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Nano Assault, Shin’en’s Next Shoot-em-up, Is On The Nintendo 3DS


Nanostray 2

You may recall Shin’en as the developer of the Iridion and Nanostray games, and more recently, an F-Zero-like WiiWare game called Fast: Racing League. As of January, Shin’en are a licensed Nintendo 3DS developer, and Majesco are publishing their first 3DS game.


Titled Nano Assault, this is another shoot-em-up, and is set in an alien cellular system where you have to destroy a virus. Majesco say that Nano Assault will have 32 “cell stages” which adjust themselves in difficulty based on the player’s skill level. You also have the ability to clone and respawn yourself, which sounds like an interesting twist on the “lives” concept.


Nano Assault has an art style based off electron microscope imagery. When the game releases this fall, you’ll also be able to upload scores on an online leaderboard and trade content via StreetPass. As with Majesco’s other 3DS games, there are no screenshots of Nano Assault yet.


It makes sense that Majesco would publish Shin’en’s next shooter, since they were the publisher of both Iridion and Nanostray games on the GBA and Nintendo DS. Despite this, the rights to Nanostray are owned entirely by Shin’en as opposed to Majesco.

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