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Natsume On Nintendo 3DS And Xbox 360 Development



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“We haven’t done any Xbox or Xbox 360 titles unfortunately. We’re just looking for the right fit. That’s a different demographic that kind of takes getting used to,” Natsume’s VP of Operations, Graham Markay, said to us in a chat about the future of the company.


“You know, that’s a system for which the market’s getting bigger. They’re selling more and more units so the it’s diversifying for the gamer, if you will. So we’re actually looking at Xbox Live on the Xbox 360. We always keep our mind open, but once again, it has to fit with the Natsume formula.”


While the 360 might not be in Natsume’s immediate plans for the future, the Nintendo 3DS is. “I think Hiro’s pretty excited about it,” Graham revealed, referring to Natsume CEO, Hiro Maekawa.


“From a company standpoint, the 3DS looks innovative, it’s moving forward. Anything that’s shown and then it causes you to start thinking in your head how you can utilize it, or what you can make for it, I definitely think is something that excites us. So, uhh…we are actually looking into the 3DS, and who knows, maybe some announcements in the future… [Laughs]”


We pointed out that Marvelous Entertainment have already announced a Harvest Moon game for the system.


“Okay, that one’s an announcement!” Graham conceded. “So that one should probably come in the future. [Laughs] Moving forward, I can pretty much say that Natsume will be a definite supporter of the 3DS.”

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