There’s a bunch of games releasing on Nintendo’s digital download services this week, but the highlight of the bunch would be Need for Speed: Nitro-X.


The original Need for Speed: Nitro was originally released for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Nitro-X is a digital version of the game for DSiWare, with 18 cars and 16 of the original game’s tracks, updated.


Nitro-X has a “Super Pursuit” mode that lets you play as a cop, which is a feature that wasn’t in the original. This mode has six police cars to choose from. You can play Nitro-X in local multiplayer with three other players, too.


The DSiWare game also lets you take ingame screenshots and lets you control via the touchscreen like the original, if you want to. Need for Speed: Nitro-X costs 800 DSi points ($8.00).


Other digital games releasing this week on Nintendo’s services are 21: Blackjack (200 DSi points / $2.00) and Derby Dogs on WiiWare (500 Wii points / $5.00), published by Aksys, which is a race dog breeding and racing simulation. The latter has online multiplayer support.


Need for Speed: Nitro-X


Derby Dogs:

i_26357 i_26358


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