Nekro: Summon Angry Demons In A Randomly Generated World


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Nekro is a game where you summon demons to do your bidding. No, it isn’t like Shin Megami Tensei—in this case, you’re amassing an army of demons to overthrow a corrupt king, and it’s an action game that draws inspiration from the likes of Dungeon Keeper, Myth and Giants: Citizen Kabuto.


You play as a powerful necromancer in Nekro, and developer darkForge say they’re aiming to achieve the depth of a real-time strategy game by allowing you to customize your armour and upgrade your demons. While you won’t be controlling your demons directly, demons will have different behaviour patterns and abilities, so it’ll be up to you to mix and match different kinds to see which demons work best together.


Nekro’s world is randomly generated to boot, and is an integral part of the game, according to darkForge, since the goal is to give the player a different experience each time they play. The video above shows off how the random aspect of the world is being handled.


Nekro will also include a co-op mode in addition to single-player, once the game is done. Here’s the full list of features being advertised for release:


  • Create unholy armies using the corpses of your enemy!
  • Blood permanently stains the battlefield; body parts squish, bounce, and roll!
  • Upgrade your minions to create the perfect ‘monster loadout’!
  • Equip powerful armors that literally change the playstyle of the game!
  • Dozens of abilities, enemies, monsters and powers!
  • A randomized world event system throws exciting twists into each match!
  • 3 unique factions to conquer or enslave!
  • No play through is ever the same!


Nekro is currently in the alpha stage. The game is planned for release in Q4 2013. Check out the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at the game and a number of its features.


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