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NEO TWEWY Director Reveals Demo Details

neo twewy demo neo the world ends with you demo

On June 23, 2021, Square Enix revealed a NEO The World Ends with You demo was on the way. First via a leaked trailer, then with an official release. At the time, it confirmed that save data would carry over to the full game. Now, NEO TWEWY Director Hiroyuki Ito and Square Enix Public Relations Manager Adam Pelc confirmed some other things people can expect from the demo at the PlayStation Blog.

First, this is a demo that will cover the early events in-game. Ito’s quote noted that people can expect to get to “the final boss battle of day 2” in it. The standard difficulty level will be the only one available in this trial. They will also have access to three party members. Based on Siliconera’s preview experience, this means Rindo, Fret, and Minamimoto will all be playable.

Folks will also have access to at least three sorts of pin attacks. Each character can have one pin equipped, which alters their sort of attack. Depend on the type, you use different inputs to trigger its effects. The three confirmed styles there were charge attack pins, ones where you hold it down to unleash attacks, and a final one where you perform a rapid-tap to carry out each attack.

Hiroyuki Ito also recommended people save before the final boss so they can explore more. Here’s his official message.

In the demo, you’ll be introduced to a few party members as well as a few pins, but I believe you’ll also be able to get a sense of the game’s unique control sensation, speediness, as well as the strategy of selecting pins. Aim to attack when Beatdrop is active and find combo patterns unique just to you. If possible, I hope you save the game right before the final boss battle of day 2, and fully explore the available area inside the demo. Furthermore, you can carry over the demo’s save data to the full game, so please give the demo a try if you are interested.

NEO The World Ends with You will come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 27, 2021. The PC version will appear on the Epic Games Store in Summer 2021. The NEO TWEWY demo will appear on June 25, 2021.

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