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NEO TWEWY Gets an Unexpected Steam Release


Square Enix has released the PC version of NEO TWEWY for Steam users. The company shadow-dropped the game with an additional 25% discount, which will last until October 26, 2022. The game launched as an Epic Games Store exclusive for PCs back in 2021. NEO TWEWY is now available on PCs via Steam and EGS, as well as Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

NEO: The World Ends With You initially launched for consoles in July 2021, and later arrived on PC via Epic Games Store in September. A sequel to the original The World Ends With You for the Nintendo DS, NEO TWEWY returns to an updated Tokyo to compete in the Reaper’s Game. The sequel featured new characters with familiar but updated game mechanics. An anime adaptation of the original game also debuted in the same year.

The unexpected shadow drop of NEO TWEWY comes after Square Enix revealed late last year that the game’s sales had underperformed. Nearly half a year after the game’s console release, NEO TWEWY producer Tomohiko Hirano also revealed that there were no plans for another installment in the series at the time, adding that it would depend on feedback and support from fans.

NEO TWEWY is now available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, as well as Nintendo Switch and PS4. As of writing, the Steam version is currently on sale at a 25% discount until October 26, 2022.

Andrew Kiya
Andrew Kiya is a mixed Japanese writer, streamer, and activist. Born in Japan, and raised in both Japan and the United States, he is forever waiting for the next Ape Escape game.