NES Adventure Game Idol Hakkenden Gets English Fan Translation


idol hakkenden

Text-based adventure game Idol Hakkenden, which was developed by Natsume for the Famicom in 1989, has recently gotten a fan translation by several fan translators in English. [Thanks, @TheMajinZenki on Twitter!]


The game revolves around a King Lear-like plot, where zaibatsu tycoon Tomiko is bedridden and near death, and must nominate an heir out of her three granddaughters. Her challenge: whoever becomes the most well-known out of them will become the heir. Shizuka, the owner of several businesses and the oldest granddaughter, and Reika, genius scientist, are sure it’s a one-on-one duel between them. However, the youngest one, Erika, has a plan to make her name by becoming a super idol alongside several companions.


idol hakkenden 2


Players take control of Erika in her dreams of glory, and must use her talent in singing and solve puzzles, as well as talk to various friends and people to find clues on what to do next. The story is humorous, and the soundtrack is based on the J-Pop genre of music.


You can find a link to the fan translation here.


Idol Hakkenden is available for the Nintendo Famicom.

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