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NeverDead Designer Explains How You Get A Game Over


As reported previously, while Konami’s new PS3/360 third-person shooter, NeverDead, is being developed by Aliens vs. Predator developer, Rebellion, the game also involves former members of Kojima Productions.


Metal Gear Acid director, Shinta Nojiri, who left KojiPro to work on NeverDead, along with his teammates, conceived NeverDead’s healing system. The game’s protagonist is immortal — he can lose arms, legs, and even his head, but he can’t be killed. How, then, does the player experience failure?


In an interview with Gamasutra, Nojiri, who is currently based in the United Kingdom, to work alongside Rebellion, reveals one of the possible ways in which you can receive a “game over” in NeverDead.


“He has an AI character partner named Arcadia, who is a normal lady. She can die,” Nojiri reveals. “When she’s dead, it’s a kind of Game Over for the player, but we have other cases; she’s not always along with him. The player will also have other cases of failure, but it’s not death. This doesn’t happen to him.”


Nojiri goes on to say that the development team doesn’t believe that being so reliant on an AI-controlled partner will be annoying. While the game hasn’t been focus-tested yet, but is due for the process in the future where the game’s mechanics will be tested and tweaked.

Ishaan Sahdev
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