New Dragon Quest of the Stars Medal Arcade Game Appears in Japan

Dragon Quest of the Stars Kingsplash

A Dragon Quest arcade medal game has appeared in Japanese arcades, titled Dragon Quest of the Stars: Kingsplash. The new arcade game takes place in the same world as the mobile game Dragon Quest of the Stars.

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The core gameplay system in Kingsplash involves slots that players can line up to perform actions, like recruiting ally monsters and fighting enemy bosses. By winning the stage, the player can also get a chance to obtain real-life capsule figures of Dragon Quest monsters, such as Slime and Golem.

Taito has also published a new promotion video for Dragon Quest of the Stars: Kingsplash.

The medal game cabinet also features a QR code scanner that players of the Dragon Quest of the Stars mobile game can access. They can have the machine scan their user account’s QR code to launch a free roulette once per day.

A global release for Dragon Quest of the Stars used to appear in 2020. However, it later shut down on June 30, 2021. The mobile game is still available on Android and iOS devices in Japan as of this writing.

Dragon Quest of the Stars: Kingsplash is now available in select Japanese arcades. Taito will gradually send new cabinets to more arcade centers in Japan.

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