This week’s Famitsu magazine will bring news on the updated version of Devil Survivor 2 for the 3DS, but will also contain news related to the Etrian Odyssey series, according to Atlus’ Twitter account in Japan.


Additionally, Etrian Odyssey series director Shigeo Komori tweets that the next Etrian Odyssey game he’s working on is approaching completion.


“It has been approximately 3 years since EOIII,” Komori tweets. “As the director, I feel the game I am developing is finally approaching completion.” Komori goes on to say that his new game is a project that experiments with new things with the goal of creating a “new” Etrian Odyssey.


In case you’re wondering why Komori mentioned Etrian Odyssey III and not Etrian Odyssey IV, it’s because III was the last game in the series that Komori directed. Etrian Odyssey IV was directed by Trauma Team director Daisuke Kanada, since Komori himself was involved with other projects at the time, which is something he mentioned during the game’s Iwata Asks interview.



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