New Holoearth and Hololive Alternative Trailers Released

holoearth hololive alternative

Cover released teaser trailers on two upcoming Hololive projects: Hololive Alternative and Holoearth. As a reminder, Holoearth is a metaverse sandbox project, while Hololive Alternative will feature the VTubers in a fantasy story. While Holoearth’s trailer only shows the members of JP, VTubers from other regions appear in Hololive Alternative’s.

Both trailers feature a nameless female avatar, who will likely serve as an audience surrogate. The Holoearth concept movie shows the girls roughing it out in the wilderness. Activities include defeating wildlife, making a house, and dancing around a bonfire. During the gameplay trailer that Cover released in 2021, it released screenshots that showed how you can control Hololive characters to perform these tasks.

The song for Hololive Alternative’s trailer is “story time,” which is sung by Star Flower. Star Flower consists of Hoshimachi Suisei, AZKi, Moona Hoshinova, and IRyS. There are already various stories set in the Hololive Alternative world. For example, Manga-Up and Holonometria have the Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Phantasia comic online. This story features Fubuki and Mio.

Both Holoearth and Hololive Alternative are part of the same project. The concept behind it is that the Hololive VTubers (not the people portraying them, but the actual characters) are working together to create homes in another world. Due to the magical origins and powers of many of the characters, there are some fantasy and action elements involved.

Holoearth is in development for Windows PC and mobile devices.

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