New Holoearth Screenshots Show Exploration and Architect Mode

Ookami Mio in Holoearth

Cover Corp published a new press release forĀ Holoearth, showing off new screenshots of the game. From the screenshots, players can see how they will be able to control a Hololive character and explore the sandbox world.

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Players can gather materials by doing things like chopping trees and defeating wild monsters. They can then use the materials to create various items, from a simple campfire to a detailed house. The latter will require a dedicated Architect Mode where players can place foundations and furnishings as they like. Once completed, players can show their creations with the Photo Mode.

Cover also published am early look at Holoearth gameplay footage on Hololive’s YouTube channel. It showed a multiplayer session where Shirakami Fubuki, Ookami Mio, and A-chan try out the sandbox game.

In October 2021, Producer U explained that theĀ Holoearth metaverse project will consist of three subprojects as the title’s major features. Other than the sandbox game, it will also have an avatar creation system with various outfits and accessories. Cover will also add a communication lobby where players can form a party before entering the game.

Holoearth is currently under development for PC and mobile devices. Cover will release the mobile version later than the PC version. The company is also planning early access and public tests to let Hololive fans try out the sandbox game ahead of release.

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