New Hololive English Omen Trailer Teases Five New Characters

Hololive Omen Trailer

Cover has released a new Hololive English trailer titled “Omen”, which teases five new characters as well as some lore and back story. The video serves as the second part of the Prelude video uploaded at the beginning of August. It describes the creation of the world and the conflict between human civilization and the gods. A Japanese version of the trailer has also been released.

Following the Prelude trailer, which explained the birth of the world and the creation of “Concepts” such as Space, Time, Nature, Chaos, and Civilization, the new Omen trailer dives into each of their relationships. Most importantly, it reveals that human civilization corrupted Nature and Time. This results in conflicts that were resolved by the creation of a Council of Providence.

The trailer reveals that the Gods had created five “avatars” for the concepts. Each has the same silhouette shown at the end of the trailer. This likely means that fans will get to see five new characters themed after the five concepts introduced: Space, Chaos, Civilization, Time, and Nature. In comparison, the first generation of Hololive English VTubers had “myths” as its central concept.

You can check out the Hololive English Omen trailer below:

Hololive English announced earlier in July that a new VSinger named IRyS would join its ranks. While revealed in a similar timeframe, her generation is separately named “Project: HOPE.” She is currently the only confirmed member of her group.

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