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New LovePlus+ To Feature “Massive Amount Of New Story Scenarios”


When New LovePlus released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2012, it sold more than LovePlus+for the Nintendo DSi, but sales quickly tapered off as players discovered a series of bugs and other issues with the game, which Konami eventually rectified over the course of several months.


New LovePlus+ won’t have this problem, senior producer Akira Uchida assured Famitsu magazine in this week’s reveal of the new game, according to a Polygon report.


“With the previous game, a lot of people said it had gotten harder to play after we reworked the gameplay system and interface,” Uchida said. “We are reconsidering the entire game here, including rolling back on some of those new features. In addition to that, though, I’ve written a massive amount of new story scenarios for each of the three heroines.”


Uchida didn’t specify just which features they would be rolling back on, but Konami did experiment with ideas like a paid e-mail service for New LovePlus.


Concept art in the magazine for the new game shows the LovePlus heroines in different times and settings, such as Egyptian ruins and medieval Japan. According to Uchida, you won’t actually be travelling back in time, but there will be events in the game related to travel.


It’s been long enough since New LovePlus that Konami can begin repairing the brand and gain back the fanbase whose trust they might have lost. It should be interesting to see how the final product turns out, although it is surprising that the development team opted not to include any new heroines in the game.


Ishaan Sahdev
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