PlayStation 3

New Metal Gear Solid 4 Info!



Today at the Sony Premiere Event in Japan, Hideo Kojima demoed actual gameplay footage of what is perhaps one of the most anticipated titles for many PS3 owners this year, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Since there's no actual video to be found yet, Famitsu was kind enough to jot down the many things they witnessed while watching actual gameplay footage of the game. According to Famitsu, Snake:


  • can pretend to be dead by making use of the Octocam
  • can crawl forward like a looper by getting the hip up and down
  • can finally take weapons from enemies (about time, too)
  • can roll sideways while on the ground (again, about time)
  • can use an electric stun knife to stun an enemy
  • can hide from enemies under drums, which are more effective than cardboard boxes
  • rolling too much in a drum can cause Snake to vomit; you can help Snake ease his vomitting by looking at erotic magazines where you can actually look through the pages…seriously
  • a over the shoulder viewpoint can be used as well as first person view; crosshairs are controllable by the SIXAXIS
  • hiding too long in a trashcan will make Snake smell bad, which makes it easier for enemies to detect him
  • the Octocam can be turned off by shaking the SIXAXIS
  • Metal Gear MkII is controlled with the SIXAXIS; MkII is in stealth mode and is hard for enemies to detect
  • can throw a tornado bomb while lying face up 

Also, at the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary party, Hideo Kojima plans on debuting the online multiplayer aspect of Metal Gear solid 4. Here's hoping headshots aren't so easy to perform and hacking/cheating won't be so easy!