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New Pokemon Snap Apples Clip Focuses on Pokemon Snacking

new pokemon snap apples

Nintendo singled out some New Pokemon Snap apples footage on Twitter. While this isn’t new footage, as all of it was called to attention briefly during the Nintendo Switch game’s reveal, it does call attention to a returning mechanic from Pokemon Snap and give people a chance to see how it will function in the sequel.

First, here’s Nintendo’s clip. It shows Pikachu, then Dodrio, Pyukumuku, and Blastoise all enjoying some New Pokemon Snap apples.

What’s interesting about the footage is that each sample shot gives people a look at a unique sort of pose a player could trigger by ensuring they have some Pokemon Food in the right place at the right time. In the original Pokemon Snap, apples are an item Todd Snap can unlock after earning a certain number of points from photos. People can toss an apple into a Pokemon’s range ahead of time to attempt to get a Special Picture shot of either a character eating or performing a certain action. For example, you can lure Pikachu onto a surfboard for a Surfing Pikachu unique pose with apples. In the New Pokemon Snap footage above, we see apples already in place near all four characters, suggesting people will be able to again chuck food to line up good pictures.

You could also, well, use an apple as a projectile to upset a Pokemon or cause a more “aggressive” action in the original game. For example, to unlock the Volcano route in Pokemon Snap, you could hit an Electrode in the Tunnel with an apple to make them explode, opening up the new area.

New Pokemon Snap is in development for the Nintendo Switch and does not yet have a release date. The original Pokemon Snap appeared on the Nintendo 64, though it also appeared on other Nintendo systems digitally via the Virtual Console.

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