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New Pokemon Snap Trailer Shows the Lentil Region, Online Photo Sharing

New Pokemon Snap Lentil Region Trailer photo sharing

A new trailer for New Pokemon Snap was revealed during the Pokemon Presents broadcast held to celebrate the series’ 25th anniversary. This latest trailer featured new gameplay which showcased various Pokemon that will be found within the entirely new Lentil Region. Like previous entries, players can use items to coax Pokemon to the camera to get their photographs taken. It also confirmed online photo sharing.

You will also be able to show your photographs to the professor to receive a rating. Players will also be able to edit these photos using stickers and frames. You will also be able to share your photographs online with other players. The trailer pointed out that people’s popular photos might be featured in the game.

You can check out the latest New Pokemon Snap trailer below. Keep your eyes open for the Legendary Pokemon Celebi.

During the broadcast, an entirely new Pokemon title was announced. Pokemon Legends Arceus will arrive on the Nintendo Switch in 2022 and transition the series into an open world adventure. This entry will take place in the Sinnoh Region, however it is set far in the past.

Alongside this, remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were revealed. This entry will accommodate changes made for the Switch, and feature a unique new visual style.

New Pokemon Snap will arrive on the Nintendo Switch worldwide on April 30, 2021.

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