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New Pokémon Sun & Moon Screenshots Give A Glimpse Into PokéCenters, Shops, And More



NintendoLife recently got the chance to get a hands-on look at Pokémon Sun & Moon, which is just a little more than a month away from releasing for the 3DS. Thanks to their demo of the game, a few new screenshots have surfaced, giving us another glimpse into the Alola region and its features.




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Additionally, based on their hands-on experience, it seems you’ll be able to “sneak” around rival trainers out in the open areas, and battles will only be triggered by proximity and the speed at which you’re moving. This means that, even if you run behind a trainer out of their line of sight, the movement will still attract their attention and you’ll be swept up into a trainer battle. Also, when you do find yourself in battle, you’ll now be able to discern if a move is effective against your opponent’s Pokémon once you land an attack on that particular monster.


To check out NintendoLife’s full hands-on experience, you can go here.


Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon will release for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th worldwide and on November 23rd in Europe. A demo will be available on the eShop on October 18th which will also give players access to Ash-Greninja, which can then be transferred to the main game when it releases.