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Resident Evil Village Screenshots Get Up Close and Personal With Frightening New Enemies

Resident Evil Village Screenshots

The latest Resident Evil Village screenshots get up close and personal with the new enemies in the upcoming horror title. This includes a better look at the “werewolf” monsters that were teased in the announcement trailer for Village.

The official Capcom Unity page shared these new images, along with a look at what seems to be a witch of sorts. However, further information about who these characters or enemies are were not disclosed. They did, however, expand a bit on the plot of Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil 7 protagonist Ethan Winters and Mia were able to create a peaceful life together before tragedy struck. This incident has Ethan looking for answers, which takes him to the village shown in previous trailers. Strange new creatures, mysterious symbols, and a fairy tale will coalesce to create a haunting new story in the Resident Evil series.

Outside of the new Resident Evil Village screenshots, the latest installment to the series received an extended trailer at the PlayStation 5 showcase. This included a new look at gameplay, monster design, and the fairy tale mentioned previously. More information about Resident Evil Village will be at Tokyo Game Show 2020.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled to release sometime in 2021 on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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