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New Super Mario Bros. U Has A Seamless World Map Like Super Mario World


Nintendo have revealed new details of New Super Mario Bros. U for their upcoming Wii U console. This includes a rundown of special modes that will be in the game and some information about the game’s world map.


As previously detailed, New Super Mario Bros. U has a Challenge Mode that tasks you with completing specific trials. Some examples of these trials include clearing a course without touching a single coin or touching the ground. There are four different Challenge categories for sing-player—Time Attack, Coin Collection, 1-UP Rally and Special (miscellaneous) challenges.


Meanwhile, Boost Mode challenges are for two players. One player uses the Wii U GamePad and the other uses a Wii Remote. Once you’ve completed a challenge, the game saves a replay for you to show off.


Then, there’s a Coin Battle mode, where up to five players can play together. Four people use the Wii Remote while the fifth player uses the Wii U GamePad to place Boost Blocks to help the other four reach hard-to-reach coins. The GamePad player can also use the GamePad to re-arrange the coin layout for Coin Battle courses. These edited courses can then be saved and played. You can read our hands-on impressions of these modes here.


Nintendo also draw attention to the game’s world map. The world map in New Super Mario Bros. U is the first of its kind since 1991’s Super Mario World, and is a seamless map with named worlds and courses. Secret exits are scattered about, and these can change the map and make shortcuts appear. Nintendo say that the game can be played in a non-linear fashion, since the worlds are interconnected.


Finally, there’s a character named Nabbit, who will appear on the world map. If you spot him, you need to enter the course and catch him to recover items stolen from Toad. If you manage to catch him, you’ll get the P-Acorn item, which will let you fly continuously through an entire stage.


New Super Mario Bros. U is a Wii U launch game and will be released on November 18th in North America.

Ishaan Sahdev
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