This morning, Nintendo shared new details for New Super Mario Bros. U, along with a trailer for the game. First up, is the trailer:



As detailed in previous reports, New Super Mario Bros. U lets up to five players play at once. Four players use the Wii Remote to play, while the fifth uses the Wii U GamePad, and can use it to manipulate the environment, by creating blocks, distracting enemies, finding items, and so on.


The game also has a Boost Rush Mode, which involves cooperative speed runs where up to five players have to coordinate to complete courses as quickly as possible. Boost Rush Mode puts you on rails, which means you can’t stop running, and as you collect more coins, you run faster and faster. There’s a Challenge Mode, too, which requires you to complete specific trials.


New Super Mario Bros. U will be a Wii U launch game, and will be released on November 18th in North America. You’ll be able to play it either on your TV or on the Wii U GamePad screen. The game will also allow you to play as your Mii.


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