New World of Horror Update Will Release in November 2021

New World of Horror Update Will Release in November 2021

Horror RPG World of Horror is getting an update in November 2021 later this month. Solo developer panstasz revealed that the 0.9.84 is on the way via Twitter. The reveal included several new screenshots of the game. The announcement follows the developer’s return from hiatus back in October 2021.

The new update comes over a year after the game released on Steam Early Access for PCs back in February 2020. However, developer panstasz had been effectively radio silent since December 2020. It was only in October 2021 that the developer announced that “good news” would come soon. The latest announcement included an apology for the “inexcusable absence” along with new screenshots from the game. Prior to all this happening, the game had a tentative late 2020 release date. The full game is also expected to have 20 mysteries. The early access version has 12 mysteries.

World of Horror takes place in a Japanese seaside town threatened by otherworldly creatures. The game features roguelike elements and turn-based combat, with a distinctly lo-fi aesthetic. It includes influences from horror creators like Junji Ito.

World of Horror is currently available in early access on the PC, and an update is set to release sometime in November 2021. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of the game were previously announced, but the status of the ports are currently unknown.

Andrew Kiya
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