Newest Holostars Unit Uproar Will Debut Soon

holostars uproar

Holostars revealed the visuals and backstories of “Uproar!!,” its new unit. None of them have debut dates yet, but more information will appear on the official Holostars Twitter account. Uproar!! will be the fourth generation of Holostars, following MaFia.

There will be four members in Uproar!!:

  • Yatogami Fuma (sakusya2): The leader of Uproar!! and a “fixer” who loves human pastimes. His symbol animal is a raccoon.
  • Utsugi Uyu (yonemuro): A phantom thief who becomes an idol to get “treasures only an idol can obtain.”
  • Hizaki Gamma (takita): A manga artist who loves to party, and also has an underground business. He’s aiming to be “the most awesome.”
  • Minase Rio (KEKI): A ghost who accepted Fuma’s invitation to try and become an idol, which was his goal in life. He hates ghosts and scary things, with himself the exception.

The trailer and visuals for Uproar!! appeared at Hololive Super Expo 2022. Holostars is the Japanese division of male idols affiliated with Cover, and so far, there are nine active VTubers in Holostars. As for Hololive EN, Cover opened up auditions in early March 2022 for male applicants who would want to join the company as a male VTuber.

Cover will announce the debut stream dates for Holostars Uproar!! soon.

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