Niantic’s Newest Mobile Title is Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom

Niantic’s new mobile AR game is Pikmin Bloom, developed jointly with Nintendo. The company announced the global rollout of the mobile title with a new launch trailer, revealing how players will be able to collect and grow Pikmin of their own while walking outside. The game is currently only available in Australia and Singapore. However, Niantic states that Pikmin Bloom will head to other regions in the coming days. The game will release for iOS and Android devices.

Much like Niantic’s other AR mobile title Pokemon GO, players will find Pikmin seedlings that will grow into Pikmin as they walk. Players will also appear on the street map as personalized characters. As they walk, a trail of flowers will also appear. Players can also feed their Pikmin fruit nectar to make their flowers bloom in a similar way to the original game. Similarly, Niantic is planning to hold monthly Community Day events.

Notably, the launch trailer also reveals that there will be customization options for players’ Pikmin. Another key feature is the ability to see how many steps you’ve taken in a day and the ability to record notes and photos of your walk. Pikmin will also occasionally bring back postcards from the places you’ve visited. Nintendo stated earlier this year that the new Pikmin AR game would be the first stage in its partnership with Niantic.

You can check out the official Pikmin Bloom launch trailer below:

Pikmin Bloom is currently available in Australia and Singapore. The game will launch in other regions in the near future on iOS and Android devices.

Andrew Kiya
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