image Here are some interesting facts about Nintendo’s overseas business development:


1. A little over 5% of Nintendo’s revenue in the U.S. comes from South America.


2. Although the company has been selling its products through agents in Asian countries (India included, I believe), these regions do not represent significant business potential at the moment.


3. South Korea seems to be the exception to this rule. Over a period of two years, over 1 million units of the DS Lite and half a million Wii units have been sold in the region.


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata attributes this success to a steady stream of hit DS software in South Korea.


We localized two-years worth of Japanese hit software titles to market them in South Korea in about one year. With such a fancy lineup, Nintendo DS was able to secure local supports in a short time period. However, it is not very often that we can find these desirable circumstances where the stars are all aligned in the new markets. When we encounter such a good opportunity, we may try once again, but it is not something we can do immediately.


He goes on to state that, although Nintendo have managed to find success in South Korea by focusing their efforts in the region, other countries in which the company hoped to develop its business will have to wait due to the current economic situation and its impact on exchange rates.


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