Nintendo said they would do what it took to bring exposure Dragon Quest IX overseas, and they’re doing just that. For starters, earlier in the week, we reported that the game had broken into the UK sales charts upon its debut.


While we’ve yet to find out how the game is doing in North America, Nintendo aren’t sitting on their laurels when it comes to post-launch promotion of DQIX. Nintendo of America started out by promoting the Tag Mode via a treasure map at Comic-Con, and they’re doing it at Gamestop next.


Zoma map: On July 31st, this map will be made available at certain Gamestop outlets.

Estark map: On August 7th, the “Estark” map will be at select Best Buy stores.

Malroth map: And from August 17th – September 19th, NOA will be holding weekend sampling events at select shopping malls across the U.S., where you’ll be able to grab yet another map for attending.


To access Tag Mode, you’ll need to get to the town, Stornway, and talk to Erinn at the Quester’s Rest Inn.


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