Nintendo Offering Wii Points, Virtual Console Library To Connection Ambassadors In Europe


image In a media summit to promote WiiWare and DSiWare games earlier today in London, Nintendo of Europe announced they will be debuting the Connection Ambassador Promotion that is about to start in Japan. Here’s the key info from the press release:


The rewards scheme for loyal fans of WiiWare will start in Europe this October and will allow players to become Ambassadors by encouraging friends and family to get connected with their Wii. The Ambassador, as well as the player they help connect, will both receive 500 Wii Points for connecting one person. When the Ambassador helps connect 20 people (which is the maximum number for the reward), the total amount of Wii Points received will equal 10,000, which can be spent on fun and unique WiiWare games.


Even better, if the Ambassador helps 10 people connect; they can attain gold status, which will then enable the Ambassador to download all Nintendo first party NES games for free on Virtual Console! If, however, they help 20 people connect, they will be given platinum status and will be able to download for free all first party and third party NES, SNES and N64 games on Virtual Console!


Basically, if you connect 20 people you get $100 worth of Wii Points and a library of Virtual Console games. Wow, Nintendo of Europe have been kicking NoA’s ass lately. Where’s my Trace Memory for Wii, damn it?

Ishaan Sahdev
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