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Nintendo Switch Sports Announced, Release Date Set

Nintendo Switch Sports Release Date

Legendary Nintendo Wii launch game Wii Sports is getting a proper follow-up on the Switch, though it’s long past the Switch’s launch window. The Nintendo Switch Sports release date is set for April 29, 2022.

The February 2022 Nintendo Direct shared a trailer for the game.

The Nintendo Switch Sports release date trailer detailed some of the updates coming to the Switch iteration of the series. Rather than the system-level Mii avatars, Nintendo Switch Sports players are represented by more detailed characters. Environments and maps also feature updated graphics from the Wii original. The game will support local play on a single Switch system for up to 4 players, as well as online play for the first time. Online options include friend-based matches and randomized matchmaking. Players can unlock additional items from online play.

The game features sports from the original Wii Sports, like Tennis, Bowling, and the sword-fighting game Chambara from Wii Sports Resort. Soccer, Volleyball, and Badminton also join as new activities. As with the original, all the games use motion controls. People hold Switch Joy-con controllers in the hands. The leg strap included with Ring Fit Adventure (and also included with the physical edition) can also play a role. One example shown involves inserting a Joy-con into the leg strap to enable the use of kicking motions while playing Soccer’s Shootout mode. An update scheduled for summer will add the leg strap functionality to standard Soccer matches.

Nintendo Switch Sports will launch on the Switch on April 29, 2022. A pre-release online play test will take place on February 18-20, 2022 for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Golf will join the sport lineup in the planned Autumn update.

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