Fluidity, a new WiiWare game by Nintendo, will be making its debut at PAX, Nintendo of America have announced. While we don’t have screenshots of the game available to us at the moment, we do have a description:


Nintendo’s Fluidity combines an amazing physics engine that realistically models flowing water with innovative puzzle game play. Using the three forms of water — liquid, ice and cloud — players will solve challenging puzzles across multiple chapters of an illustrated magical book called Aquaticus. The game offers detailed tutorials that introduce basic game mechanics, but the complexity quickly ramps up as special powers are acquired and enemies are introduced, testing players’ reflexes and ingenuity.


Nintendo will also be bringing Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Metroid: Other M to PAX, to give people a chance to try those titles out. You’ll also get to see the props and costumes from the Other M live-action commercial on display.


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