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Nioh 2 Introduces One-Winged Azai Nagamasa, Multiplayer, and More in Latest Gameplay

Nioh 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Siliconera

Koei Tecmo showcased the latest of Nioh 2 during a special livestream event today where we got to check out new solo and multiplayer gameplay.

Check out Nioh 2‘s full livestream below:

If you’re wondering about the one-winged Azai Nagamasa thing, you can head to the 30:54 mark of the video for our first footage. This is the first look at Azai Nagamasa’s introduction scene in Nioh 2. It looks like the start of a pretty tough boss fight, but unfortunately, we don’t get to see more than the intro.

Next, head to the 37:32 mark of the video for our next bit of gameplay footage. Here, we get to see a little demonstration of some solo gameplay. The footage shown here is from the latest build. The first thing we see is a new “Naginatagama” weapon that kind of reminds me of Monster Hunter‘s Switch Axe. As the name suggests, it switches between a Naginata spear and a scythe.

Lastly, head to the 50:21 mark of the video for the latest Nioh 2 multiplayer gameplay action. After messing about with some emotes, the three players jump right into battle. Things don’t go quite as planned while figuring out the controls against the first enemies. However, there are ways to help each other out so teamwork plays a bigger factor this time around when it comes to multiplayer. Head to the 1:07:00 mark of the video for a look at the boss fight. We also get a glimpse at how players can transform into yo-kai to bring some heat to the battle.

Nioh 2 will release for PlayStation 4 in Japan on March 12, 2020 and worldwide on March 13, 2020. The game went gold earlier this month. Moreover, its Last Chance Trial begins on February 28, 2020.


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