NIS America have announced another anime license for North American release—Bunny Drop (Usagi Drop in Japan), scheduled for release on August 7th on Blu-ray and DVD. Like NISA’s other premium anime sets, it will come with a hard cover art book.


Bunny Drop is the story of Daikichi and Rin. When Daikichi attends his grandfather’s funeral, he learns of the existence of Rin, who is his grandfather’s illegitimate child with an unknown woman. Considered an embarrassment to the family, Rin is treated by an outcast by their relatives, after which Daikichi takes it upon himself to be her guardian.


In North America, the Usagi Drop manga is licensed by Yen Press and is an ongoing publication. Along with House of Five Leaves and 20th Century Boys, the series was nominated for an Eisner Award last year.


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