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Nomura Teases A First Ever “Surprise” During Kingdom Hearts 3D’s End Credits


Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, was recently interviewed by Nintendo Power magazine about Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. KHInsider have transcribed the interview, and it brings a few tidbits of information that we didn’t have before.


For starters, there’s going to be some sort of a “surprise” during the end credits of the game. Nomura shares: “This is the first time we’re doing this, but there’s a surprise during the end credits. So even when the credits start to roll, don’t put down your N3DS, and don’t let your guard down!”


Since Nomura says that this is a first for the series, it sounds like it could be a different surprise than the previously confirmed “secret movie,”.


Additionally, Nomura also revealed that just about everything in Kingdom Hearts 3D is connected to a “mysterious boy in the black cloak”. I’m not sure just who he’s talking about (there’s so many of them!), but this aspect of the story will go in a different direction than the Mark of Mastery test.


Finally, Nomura reveals that some of the staff of The World Ends With You are working on Kingdom Hearts 3D. Says Nomura: “The illustrator who worked on TWEWY, Gen Kobayashi, is now serving as the art director for Dream Drop Distance. That game’s composer, Takeharu Ishimoto, has also created some music for DDD. Finally, the director of TWEWY, Tatsuya Kando, is working as this game’s animation supervisor.”

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