Nyu Media Turn To Kickstarter To Get Shmups On Steam Greenlight


    Doujin publisher Nyu Media are bringing SITER SKAIN’s ALLTYNEX series of shoot-em-ups to the West, the publisher announced this morning. ALLTYNEX is a trilogy of games developed for PC. The three games in the series are:


    • Chapter One: ALLTYNEX Second
    • Chapter Two: RefleX
    • Chapter Three: KAMUI


    You can read up on all three of these games and the differences between each on Nyu Media’s Kickstarter page. Yes, Nyu Media are running a Kickstarter campaign for ALLTYNEX, in order to help promote the games in the West. Localization of the three games is already underway but funds generated via Kickstarter will help with QA and, more importantly, promoting the game so that it has a shot of making it into Steam’s Greenlight program.


    Nyu Media explain why they feel they need Kickstarter to make this possible:


    “The money raised by a successful Kickstarter will allow us to apply additional resources to the final polish and quality checking phase of the localization and will go in part towards promoting the games to overseas gamers. This last point is hugely important for The Tale of ALLTYNEX to successfully make it through Steam Greenlight and onto Steam distribution. Japanese games struggle to gain attention and recognition on Steam Greenlight, so much so that only ONE Japanese indie game has managed to pass Greenlight out of over greenlit 70 games so far! The awareness and marketing budget from a successful Kickstarter will provide The Tale of ALLTYNEX a boost on Greenlight and hopefully contribute to bringing these games to the world’s biggest digital distribution platform!”


    Nyu Media are asking for $5,000 in Kickstarter contributions to help see their plans for ALLTYNEX through. In the event that Kickstarter funds go beyond the $5,000 mark, they have various stretch goals outlined, such as a strategy guide and more.


    Ishaan Sahdev
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