OFLC site reveals four new VC games, officially becomes more helpful than ESRB site



The OFLC website has come in really handy as of late. Four, count 'em, FOUR new forthcoming Virtual Console releases have been added to their database, though to be precise we already knew about one. First is Puyo Puyo 2, which was rated by the ESRB a few weeks ago. Next is Riot Zone, a severely crippled version of Sega's arcade beat 'em up Riot City for the Turbografx CD. Seriously, when I say crippled, I mean "Final Fight on SNES" crippled. Stages and bosses were shuffled around, and two player co-op was removed. That's right, they removed the most important feature of any side scrolling beat 'em up. Third is Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes. Developed by the legendary Nihon Falcom, Legend of Heroes is a RPG that's actually from the same series as Faxanadu and Legacy of the Wizard (one of my favorite NES games). While it appeared on many systems, the version of Legend of Heroes hitting the Virtual Console is the Turbografx CD version. And finally we have yet another Turbo CD game, Lords of Thunder. Yes, you read correctly, Lords of Thunder. The game that everyone hoped would appear on the Virtual Console when Gate of Thunder was released. The follow-up to Gate of Thunder, Lords of Thunder takes everything Gate did and kicks it up a notch, as well as changing the setting from a sci-fi setting to a fantasy setting. Definitely one for shmup fans to keep an eye out for. Naturally, aside from Puyo Puyo 2, none of these have been confirmed for the US, but as always it's highly likely that they'll show up. Looks like Hudson is really piling on the Turbo CD goodness, huh? Now if we could only get Rondo of Blood…