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One Of Kingdom Hearts 3D’s Dream Eaters Gives Sora And Riku Claws


This week’s Kingdom Hearts 3D update brings news on Dream Eaters both new and old, all of the “Spirit” type, meaning Sora and Riku can use them in battle. Quick recap before we check them out — Dream Eaters can perform Link Attacks, which are activated via the touchscreen. Each Dream Eater has its own unique Link Attack, which usually involves them attacking enemies.


Koumori Bat:


Komouri Bat’s Link Attack, “Dark Fierce,” stands out because it causes Sora and Riku to temporarily grow long claws, which gives them new combos.



Ghost Clown:

Another Dream Eater we’ve covered before is Ghost Clown, although we only covered the Nightmare version. He has a Spirit version, too, which sucks in enemies and spits them out. This attack is called “Ghost Vacuum”.


Scissor Beetle:

Scissor Beetle is an oldie, too, although again, we’d only seen the Nightmare version up until now, I believe. Scissor Beetle’s Link Attack is “Trap Shot,” which fires bullets that you can aim with a  cursor, and these can paralyze enemies.



Idaten Giraffe:

Quick as lightning, Idaten Giraffe is extremely speedy and can fire a lightning attack called Thunderstorm, making him the most Pokémon-like.



As previously reported, you can breed Dream Eaters if you have all the ingredients and the recipe you need to create them. Dream Eaters you breed can be given custom names and have their own personalities, which influence them in battle.

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