One Piece Manga Will Go on 4-Week Hiatus

One Piece hiatus
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One Piece will go on hiatus for four weeks, starting from Issue #29 of Weekly Shonen Jump and ending on #32. The reason for the break is due to Oda’s eye surgery. It is not a serious issue, and so it is likely that the series will resume from #33 without any issue. The last chapter of One Piece until the hiatus will be in Issue #28.

Here is a translation of Oda’s statement on the official One Piece Twitter account:

Now, everyone’s all excited about the final arc of One Piece but I kind of really wanna get surgery. So I’ve decided to get surgery that’ll make me shoot laser beams from my eyes! The more I joke, the more people will worry, so I’ll tell the truth. I was like, “Lately, I see lots of twins walking around,” but it turned out that I have serious astigmatism! Things look really blurry to me. This affects my work so last year, I discussed this issue with the chief editor. He told me “Go!” so I’ll come back with much better eyesight than before. Also, I’ll learn how to shoot laser beams from my eyes.

In 2022, Oda announced that One Piece would enter the final arc. During the summer of 2022, Oda took a month’s hiatus in order to prepare for that. However, the story still has a ways to go before it finishes. It seems that One Piece will end some time in 2025, and there will be an epic final battle to serve as a sendoff for the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece will go on hiatus for four weeks from Issue #29 to #32 of Weekly Shonen Jump. That would be from June 19 to July 10, 2023.

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