Namco Bandai have shared the second trailer for One Piece Romance Dawn , their upcoming One Piece role-playing game for the PSP. Take a look at the trailer below:



Previously, it was assumed that One Piece Romance Dawn would be based on the Romance Dawn manga that acted as a prototype of sorts for the final One Piece series, causing some confusion as to the continuity this game was set in. However, this is not actually the case.


The PSP game is actually based on Luffy’s early adventures—the “dawn” of his pirate career, when he receives Shanks’ hat and so on—which is what the Romance Dawn title is meant to indicate, as confusing as that is. The trailer indicates that the game will use footage from the anime series.


Namco Bandai have revealed that One Piece Romance Dawn: Adventure at Daybreak will feature Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Franky and Robin as playable characters thus far. The game will be released on December 20th.


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