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One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Introduces a Whole Bunch of Heroes’ Special Moves

one punch man a hero nobody knows

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows launched on February 28, 2020. To help people prepare, Bandai Namco released more information about on a whole bunch of heroes’ special moves, including some of Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, Metal Knight, Child Emperor, and Stinger’s attacks. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Here are the newly revealed One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows special moves:

Atomic Samurai

Special Move 1: Wide Slash

A special move where Atomic Samurai uses his katana to do a wide-reaching horizontal slash. It’s easy to hit a foe with the attack, even if the enemy’s not directly in front of you.

Special Move 2: Splitting Strike

Atomic Samurai raises his blade and slashes downwards. Although it has a short reach, it’ll stun enemies even if they’re blocking.

Special Move 3: Triple Slash

Atomic Samurai does three consecutive slashes. The first slash has a long reach. If it hits, he’ll follow up with the other two hits. Additionally, the first hit can break the opponent’s guard.

Super Move: Atomic Slash

Atomic Samurai’s Mode Change super move. Upon activating it, he charges forward. If it hits, he deals countless quick slashes to the enemy. This move has the highest combo count with 99 hits and is very strong.

Metal Bat

Special Move 1: Full Swing

Metal Bat performs one strong swing with all his might. If it hits, the enemy is sent flying. This move can also reflect projectiles.

Special Move 2: Don’t you dare underestimate me!

Metal Bat jumps up, then swings his bat downwards. Because he leaps forward when he does, it can even hit opponents that are a little bit away from him and can be used to close the distance.

Power-up Move: Fighting Spirit

A move that lets Metal Bat power up himself for a short period. Although he doesn’t increase his attack or defense, he gets super armor and won’t flinch from enemy attacks. However, he’ll still take damage, so make sure to be careful.

Super Move: The only thing I know how to do is hit you!

Metal Bat’s Mode Change super move. If it connects, he’ll beat up the downed opponent with his bat and end the assault with a full swing.


Special Move 1: Gigantic Drill Stinger

Stinger charges forward, thrusting his spear multiple times. Since the spear has a long range, it can hit enemies far away. If it hits, he’ll perform four consecutive hits.

Special Move 2: Thank goodness there’s no audience here!

Stinger spins his spear and swipes it downwards. It’s range isn’t as long as the thrust, so it’s better to use against downed opponents or stunned opponents for an extra hit.

Special Move 3: Here’s the finishing blow!

Stinger jumps up and stabs downwards. As he disappears for a moment, it can be used to attack while dodging an enemy’s attacks.

Metal Knight

Special Move 1: Jet Strike

Metal Knight flies up using jet boosters, then tackles the enemy. As he flies upwards, it can be used to dodge an attack and counterattack.

Special Move 2: Missile Attack

Metal Knight bends forward and fires missiles from his back. While the missiles hone in on the enemy, they won’t hit if the enemy is close. You must use it from a distance.

Special Move 3: Jet Dive

Using jet boosters, Metal Knight charges towards the opponent. If it hits, he’ll grab onto the enemy, fly upwards, and smash the enemy onto the ground. It’ll even work against guarding opponents.

Super Move: Missile Barrage

Metal Knight’s Mode Change super move. He tackles the opponent, then flies up to let loose a barrage of missiles.

Child Emperor

Special Move 1: Backpack Hammer

A hammer arm appears from Child Emperor’s backpack and hits the opponent. Although the hit doesn’t have a large range, the arm can reach quite far and the attack will also break opponent’s guard. However, it can’t hit enemies close to Child Emperor.

Special Move 2: Backpack Blowtorch

An arm equipped with a blowtorch appears from Child Emperor’s backpack and burns the ground. If it hits the opponent, the flames on the ground will deal follow-up hits. The flames on the ground can be also used to give a player some space.

Power-up Move: Analyze weakness

An arm carrying a computer appears from his backpack, and Child Emperor analyzes his opponent’s weakness on the spot. When it activates, Child Emperor’s attack strength increases for a short period.

Super Move: Fully-armed Backpack

Child Emperor’s Mode Change super move. Using a drill arm, he stabs forward, then uses equipment attached to various arms to deal damage.

Finally, Bandai Namco released a One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows launch trailer:

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. Check out the Saitama, Genos, Fubuki, and other hero and villains’ special moves in our previous article.

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