Operation Wolf and Columns III coming to the Virtual Console


operationwolf.jpg After a long holiday hiatus, the ESRB website has updated, and with the update comes news of two new Virtual Console games coming at some point in the future. First up is Operation Wolf, Taito's classic lightgun shooter. The interesting thing about this listing is that it could be the NES or Turbografx-16 version. Either way, it's doubtful that the Virtual Console version will have lightgun support, unless Nintendo goes the extra mile and adds Wii Remote support. The game also had D-pad support for aiming as well, though, so it's not much of a problem. Next up is Columns III, Sega's puzzler for the Genesis. The big change Columns III featured from previous games in the series is that you're always playing against a CPU opponent in single player mode, much like the Puyo Puyo series. So, a couple of interesting additions, and I'll definitely be picking up Columns III. But come on Nintendo, where's my Earthbound?