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Original Guardian Heroes Team Working On Code of Princess


Japan-based Agatsuma Entertainment are working with Kinu Nishimura (character designer on Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) on Code of Princess, a beat-em-up for the Nintendo 3DS, set in a world created by Nishimura herself.


Code of Princess lets you play as four characters: Solange, Ali Vava, Lady Zozo, and Allegro Nantabile Cantabile. Each of the four has their own special abilities, and you gain experience by defeating enemies. You can also raise six attributes by investing points in them: vitality, piety, attack, defense, mind, and speed.


While we already knew Code of Princess was slated for release early next year in Japan, Agatsuma sent out a press release today, labelling it as a Q1 game in Japan. More interesting is the fact that they specify the game is developed by the original Guardian Heroes team. Some of our readers compared the game to Guardian Heroes during one of our early reports on it as well.


Curiously, Agatsuma’s press release was sent out in English. It sounds like they may be fishing for an overseas publisher.

Ishaan Sahdev
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