This past week, we reported on a PlayStation 3 platformer titled Page Chronica. Scheduled for release via the PlayStation Network sometime this year, the game is developed by Singapore-based Red Hare Studios. You can find a trailer here.


Red Hare have also released a bunch of screenshots and concept art for the game via a Deviantart page, along with a summary of the game’s story, which is as follows:


Page Chronica is a game about the adventure of a female heroine named Topez. As a librarian in the Library of Dreams, she accidentally released the Lord of Nightmares from his prison. The Lord of Nightmare then went on to corrupt the dreams turning them foul. Players will play as Topez as she uses her power of words to cleanse the dreams of this corruption.


Page Chronica is not your average side-scrolling action platformer. You will need to slow time to capture letters and form meaningful words in order to give Topez power to cast spells. The stronger the words formed, the more powerful the spells that Topez cast will be. In addition, she will be able to gain useful passive abilities such as regeneration and increased movement speed based upon the length of the words formed.


You can find the screenshots and some concept art for the game below, with more concept art available here.






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