Pawarumi Is A Shmup Set In A Mayan Sci-Fi Future



Set in a future where Mayan civilization rules the world, Pawarumi puts players in the pilot’s seat of the Chukaru, a powerful ship with three unique weapons that will let you fight back against The Council’s fleet.




In Pawarumi, players can swap between three types of weapon at all times, using Crush, Boost, or Drain shots at will. Crush shots inflict double damage, Boost shots restore your shield with every hit while making enemies more aggressive, and Drain shots charge a super attack that will clear the screen.


Using the right weapon on the right enemy triggers these effects, so players will have to toy around to find which enemy to shoot with certain shots. Scoring in Pawarumi is also tied to knowing which weapon to use, so players are encouraged to experiment with their shots on each playthrough.




Pawarumi takes place in a sci-fi imagining of a Mayan-ruled future. It features aspects of Mayan architecture and art for its enemies and locations, giving them a unique style players will be able to see behind all of the glowing bullets flying by.


Pawarumi offers five stages, which players can see more of when the game releases sometime in 2017. It is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

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