PC Gamers, Tell Agarest: Generations of War’s Publisher How You Feel About DLC


Following feedback from PC gamers about the amount of DLC in Agarest: Generations of War for the PC, publisher Ghostlight have initiated a conversation with their fans regarding the differences between the PC and console markets, and the preferences of PC gamers that bought the Agarest title off Steam. Here’s what Ghostlight say:


Hi everyone.

Thank you for all your recent comments regarding the DLC for Agarest. This is our first PC game and we are still learning about some of the differences between the PC and console markets :)


We appreciate the concerns about the volume of DLC available (and admittedly there is a lot) but all the DLC was taken from the Japanese console version and we wanted to offer it to you to replicate the same options that were originally made available in Japan. We also just wanted to make it clear that the DLC is entirely optional and is not needed in order to be able to complete the game. The only DLC that includes new gameplay content (the additional dungeons) was included in the PC release for free while the rest was designed for gamers who feel they could use a little extra help with the game.


As I’ve said, we are still learning about the requirements of PC gamers so we would genuinely like to hear more of your thoughts on DLC and how you would like us to handle other games that use the same DLC model in the future.

Thank you for your feedback


So, if you picked Agarest up for PC and want to let Ghostlight know about your buying habits, you can do so here or here. We’ve been seeing an increasing number of Japanese games being brought over to PC of late, and the more publishers learn about the PC marketplace, the better.

Ishaan Sahdev
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