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People Killed 14 Billion Genshin Impact Slimes (So Far)


Every once in a while, miHoYo offers insights into what people are doing in Genshin Impact. For example, back in the beginning of December 2020, it revealed Barbara was the most popular character to bring along when people challenged three Domains. A new installment of Teyvat Times appeared on Twitter, this time looking at kills. We now know how many Genshin Impact slimes and hilichurls were killed so far (over 14 bullion and over 17 billion) and how many times one person died when fighting Oceanids in one fight (76).

The exact number of departed Genshin Impact slimes is larger than people might expect. Worldwide, people killed 14,413,178,335 of them as of December 29, 2020. Even more hilichurls had to go on the course of folks’ adventures, as 17,246,232,841 died. People also steal about 7,542,521 bird eggs from nests each day worldwide.

As for the Genshin Impact Oceanid fights, two specific matches with unnamed players were discussed in this installment. In one case, a person had characters fall in battle 76 times when facing those watery foes, but still managed to eventually win. Another person had characters die 125 times and then decided that was enough and noped out.

Here’s the full December 29, 2020 Teyvat Times infographic looking at things like Genshin Impact slimes’ deaths and Oceanid updates.

genshin impact slimes oceanid

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, Android devices, and Apple iOS devices. It will also eventually be on the Nintendo Switch. Currently, an Albedo banner is available and Festering Desire four-star sword event is running.

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