Persona 3 Movie Might Have Multiple Versions; #1 Coming In 2013


    Back in June, we reported news of a Persona 3 movie that was in the works. News of the project has been scarce since the original announcement, but today, the official website for the Persona 3 movie was updated, and now says:


    Persona 3 the Movie #1

    2013 in theaters


    Wait, movie #1? Does that mean we’re looking at more than one Persona 3 movie? Atlus managed to squeeze Persona 4 into a single film, but that game also had a full-length anime series devoted to it.


    So, either Persona 3 is being given multiple movies to make up for the lack of an animated series or maybe there are plans for a male and female version, to reflect Persona 3 Portable, which let you pick a female protagonist with a slightly different story to play as.


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