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Persona 5 Royal Gets New Screenshots For School Life And Phantom Life Parts



Atlus shared a new batch of screenshots for Persona 5 Royal that gives us a look at more of its “School Life” parts that features new characters and areas to visit while the “Phantom Life” parts takes us into action.


First, here’s a look at some of the new school life parts:




In Persona 5 Royal we’ll see the addition of various events that they weren’t able to put into Persona 5, starting with the third semester.




There’s a new location of “Kichijoji” added in Persona 5 Royal. This includes a darts game that was made in collaboration with Dartslive.




As for new characters, the game introduces Kasumi Yoshizawa and a new Confidant named Takuto Maruki.



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Next up, here are screenshots that take us into action with the Phantom Life parts:




In Persona 5 Royal you’ll find mysterious treasures as well as new actions that involve wires, and more ways to take on Palaces.


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In case you missed it, Atlus shared a Q&A that answered questions about whether Persona 5 Royal will release on other platforms and about DLC purchased for the original Persona 5.


Persona 5 Royal releases in Japan on October 31, 2019 for PlayStation 4. The game releases in the West in 2020. Check our previous report for details on the Straight Flush Edition for Japan.

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