Persona 5 Royal Introduces Haru Okumura With A Bang In A New Trailer

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Atlus shared the latest character introduction trailer for Persona 5 Royal and today we have Haru Okumura who shows a sweet and thoughtful moment followed by a wild ride with Morgana.


Haru shows up at the beginning asking if she could take the bottle caps, which was assumed to be for a collection at first but she explains that she knows of a recycle company that takes them to use for vaccines.


While that part sounded sweet and thoughtful, she then follows up with some sort of special secret plan with the protagonist and Morgana. We don’t get to hear what it is, but Morgana says “…Haru, for someone with a face like that, you sure think of some terrible things.” We then get to see the special move in motion, but it doesn’t look like a good time on Morgana’s end.


At the end of the video we get to see her father Kunikazu Okumura make an appearance:

Kunikazu: “Hoho, to think Haru has a male friend…”

Kunikazu: “Are you really friends?”

Haru: “Father! Stop asking weird things!”

Kunikazu: “Hahaha, calm down now, Haru, it was only a joke.”


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Persona 5 The Royal releases in Japan on October 31, 2019 for PlayStation 4. The game releases in the West in 2020. You can also check out some new Personas in our previous report.

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