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Phantasy Star Online 2 Paid Packages Revealed


Phantasy Star Online 2 producer, Satoshi Sakai, has shared information about the game’s pricing structure on the series’ official blog. As you may recall, Phantasy Star Online 2 is both free-to-download and free-to-play. Sakai also promises that players playing for free won’t have any limits in terms of level caps or playing time imposed upon them, but paying players will have access to certain added features.


Paying players will have to pay real money (in Japanese yen) to acquire Arks Cash, which is the currency used to purchase paying customer perks. 1 yen is equal to one Arks Cash unit, Sakai says. One of the paid packages you can buy is the Premium Set. A one month Premium Set can be purchased for 1,300 AC, two months for 2,500 AC, and three months for 3,600 AC.


The Premium Set includes features such as My Room and My Shop. My Shop allows you to open up a shop where you can sell weapons and the like for Meseta (not real money or Arks Cash). You also get a Premium Storage Box, and other added features. However, something to note is that, there’s also a chance for non-paying players to get access to the My Room and My Shop features. This is done with the use of scratch cards. A scratch card could give you a free ticket to open up a My Room or My Shop for three days.


You can also buy scratch cards for 200 yen (normal) or 500 yen (gold). These contain customized clothes and accessories or boost items. Other items can be purchased using Arks Cash as well. However, they aren’t required to advance through the game. Sakai insists that they’re making it so that paying customers won’t be able to buy direct advantages such as stronger weapons and so on.

Ishaan Sahdev
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